Tasmanian Photographic Federation

In the beginning

It is believed that Wynyard Camera Club members were instrumental in gathering together like-minded photographers to discuss the possible formation of a Federation encompassing the many photographic groups then operating independantly within Tasmania. This resulted in a meeting of those clubs interested and discussion of the pro’s and con’s of the proposal on April 4th, 1963.

The meeting went on to approve a motion of forming a Federation and the election of officers. Minutes of the inaugural meeting and subsequent meetings to and including the 1st Annual Meeting are appended for your information.

Inaugural Meeting of interested parties to form a Federation of Tasmanian Camera Clubs.

The First Year.

Minutes of meeting held April 4th 1963.

Messrs.  Burt, Palmer, Simson, Johns, Nichol, Peace, Leckie, Rose, Kupsch, Mrs. D. Rose, were delegates from Devonport, Smithton and Wynyard Camera Clubs who met at Mr. I Peace’s residence, on April 4th, to discuss the forming of a Tasmanian Federation of Camera Club’s.  After discussion, Mr. Nicol moved, Mr. Peace seconded the motion that this meeting form a State Federation.

The election of office bearers then took place.  Mr.Nichol moved, Mr. Leckie seconded that Mr. I. L. Peace be President.  Carried.  Mr. Peace moved, Mr. Simson seconded that Mrs. D. Rose be Secretary-Treasurer. Mr. Johns moved, Mr. Leckie seconded that Mr. R. Simson be Vice-President.  Mr. Palmer moved, Mr Nichol seconded that Mr. Burt be  Vice-President.  Mr. Nichol moved, Mr. Leckie seconded that the second delegate to the Committee be elected from Club at their next meeting.  Mr.Nichol moved, Mr. Leckie seconded that Wynyard Club finance the body for the time being.

It was decided to write to the Australian Photographic Federation and ask if they could supply us with a copy of a Constitution of another State body to give us some ideas for our own. Mr. Nichol suggested that after the Federation had been accepted by the A.P.F. and our Constitution finalised and adopted, other Tasmanian Camera Clubs or Societies, be advised and invited to affiliate.  A copy of the Constitution to be sent to each Club. Proxies will be provided if Delegates unable to attend every meeting.  The Secretary to be notified well before hand. The Constitution was discussed and a proposed one drawn up.  It was agreed to leave the publishing in the Press and on the A.B.C. until other Clubs had been notified that a Tasmanian body had been formed, and they had been invited to affiliate.

The date of the next meeting will be fixed after hearing from the Australian Photographic Federation.

Confirmed 19/4/64    I. Peace.

Minutes of meeting held July 6th 1963.

Mr. Peace presided over the meeting held on July 6th.  Present were Messrs Burt and Devine of Devonport, Simson and Johns, Smithton, Cole and Cullen, Ulverstone, Peace and Rose, Wynyard.  An apology was received from Mr. Maddock of  Launceston.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed.

The President congratulated the Ulverstone Club on the forming of their new club and wished them every success.

Mr. Peace reported, on information he received verbally, from the Launceston Secretary regarding a proposed visit to Devonport in September and also on their decision to affiliate with the Federation. The Launceston Camera Clubs will combine.  Mr. Maddock to be the Delegate.

The proposed Constitution was read and discussed.  After several alterations had been made, the Constitution was adopted.

Mr. Cullen moved, Mr. Devine seconded that each Club pay in 2 pounds to cover both Australian and Tasmanian affiliation fees.  The amount of 5 pounds 10 shillings to be sent to the A.P.F..  Fees will be open to review each year.

A copy of a letter from the Vietnam Embassy was read.  They are desirous of showing a folio of prints in Australia and A.P.F. would like to know the number of centres in Tasmania who would be likely to show them, also the length of time needed, so that an itinerary can be drawn up.   It was decided to write Launceston and get their views on the matter.  Mr. Simson suggested writing to A.P.F. for more information,  such as the size of the Exhibition and approximate dates of showing.

Arrangements were made for inter-club judging of slides and black and white prints.  Inter-club projects in colour and black and white were discussed.  “Your own town” was one that was thought to be a worthwhile undertaking.  A time limit was a good idea. An end of year competition as suggested by Smithton Club would be held. Clubs to judge each others slides.  The matter of combined outings for clubs was brought up and suitable dates in various  areas discussed.

Confirmed 19/10/63.

Minutes of meeting held October 19th 1963.

A meeting of the Tasmanian Photographic Federation was held at Mr. Peace’s residence on October 19th.

Present were Messrs Simson, Johns, Cole, Burt, Devine, Atkinson, Brown, Peace and Rose.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed.

Business arising from the minutes was attended to. The proposed visit to Devonport by the Launceston Club in September did not eventuate.

Correspondence was read from the A.P.F. regarding the Vietnam Print Folio.  This has been held up for the time being but will be available at a later date.  The A.P.F. also advised that a lecture with tape recording of 204 slides by the eminent  Mexican photographer Jose Zakany will be available to the Federation, as soon as can be arranged.

It was arranged that Wynyard Club would judge the slides in the competition being run by Smithton.  Mr. Burt moved, Mr Cullen seconded that the closing date of the inter –club competition be postponed till December 31st.  Wynyard and Smithton to exchange slides for judging.  Devonport and Ulverstone to exchange. The best three in each section from each club will then be judged by an outside judge to determine the winning Club.   Mr. Cole moved, Mr. Simson seconded that Mr. L. Hill of Devonport be approached to do the judging.  If he is not available, Mr.Maddock of Launceston be asked.  Mr.Cole suggested that slides be delivered and not sent through the post. It was decided that an inter-club outing with Wynyard as the host club, be held on February 22nd. The competition slide show will be held during the evening. Smithton Club invited Wynyard to their Annual break-up in December. An invitation was issued to the other Clubs to the Wynyard Fancy Dress Party on December 10th.

Mr. A. Andrews, President of the Aust. Photographic Society made a visit to Wynyard.  He gave  us some interesting information on the running of the Federation.  He promised to send a tape recorded lecture on judging if a tape was forwarded to him.  Mr. Devine moved, Mr. Atkinson seconded that a tape be purchased by the Federation.

Mr. Maddock of Launceston will be visiting Wynyard on November 30th.  He will give a lecture on judging.  Four from each club to be invited.  Mr. Devine accepted an invitation to give a lecture to the Wynyard Club early in the New Year.

An inter-club portfolio of slides will commence shortly.  Each club will contribute four slides, the subject to be open.   Devonport will start by giving criticism on sixteen slides.  The slides will then be sent on to another club for their criticism. After having been sent around the clubs they will be returned to Devonport who will exchange their slides for four others. Each club to do likewise.

Mr. Cole suggested that a copy of the minutes be sent to each club.  This was agreed to.

The Tasmanian Photograpic Federation will hold its next meeting on February 1st.

Confirmed 1st Feb 64.

Minutes of meeting held on February 1st 1964.

Mr. Peace presided over the meeting of the Tasmanian Photographic Federation at his residence on February 1st.

Present were Messrs John, Podmore, Cole, Sharrock, Atkinson, Burtt, Sayer, Peace and Mrs. D. Rose.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed.

Business arising from the minutes was attended to.

Correspondence was read from the Australian Photographic Federation in regards to the Jose Zakany lecture. They advised that our Federation could have this after the long week-end in June. The tape recorded lecture by Kwatie-The is not yet to hand but A.P.F. advised this is being taken care of and should be here soon. The slides and tape of the 1963 Interstate Interclub Competition are to hand and these will be sent to the Clubs in turn. The closing date for the 1964 Interstate Competition will close on March 17th.

Mr. Burt moved, Mr. Sharrock seconded that each club submit six slides to be judged for the final selection at the Interclub meeting on February 22nd.  Club members to be asked to bring slides and prints to their next meeting so that the six may be selected.  Mr. Sharrock moved, Mr. Podmore seconded that the current Interclub competition be closed owing to lack of support, Smithton Club to be declared the winner. Mr. J. Cole moved, Mr. R. Atkinson seconded that another competition be held, the subject matter to be “Child Study” and a “Mountain Scene”.  The closing date to be 6 months hence on August 1st.  The slides and prints to be taken to club meetings and then exchanged with other club for judging. No limit will be placed on the number of slides entered.  In the black and white section the minimum size print to be 8×10.  The slides for the portfolio have been passed on to Devonport for their criticism, they will be sent to Ulverstone and on down the coast to each club. A time limit of eight weeks to cover the five clubs will be enforced. Mr. Sharrock suggested that programmes from each Club be sent to the Secretery so that a roster can be drawn up for the distribution of lectures etc. Mr. Cole moved, Mr. Atkinson seconded that the outing on February 22nd be a trip to the Guide Falls for lunch then on to Sanderson, St. George and St Joseph Falls and back to Wynyard via Yolla. Members unable to make the trip to meet  at the Club Rooms at 6 o’clock for a basket tea.  Wynyard to be responsible for the evening programme.  A competition between the Clubs will be held.  The subject to be “ A Candid Shot”. Mr. Sharrock  asked that the Secretary write to A.P.F. regarding lectures that may be available to Camera Clubs.

The next meeting, which will be the Annual Meeting, will be held on April 18th.

The Meeting concluded with the screening of the 1963 Interstate Interclub slides…

Minutes of Annual Meeting held on April 18th 1964.

The Annual Meeting of the Tasmanian Photographic Federation was held at Mr. Peace’s residence on April 18th.

Present were Messrs  Simson and John from Circular Head, Burt from Devonport, Cole and Smith from Ulverstone, Peace and Rose from Wynyard.

The minutes of the first meeting of the Federation were read and confirmed.

The Annual Report was read by the President. He gave an outline of the activities of the Federation over the past year. A.P.F. lectures, competitions, an inter-club outing and tea with a social evening, and the entering of the Interstate Interclub Competition were the main points of interest.  Mr. Burtt moved, Mr. Simson seconded that the report be received.

The Balance Sheet showing a Credit Balance of 3 pounds 14 shillings was presented by the Secretary.  Mr. Simson moved, Mr. Burtt seconded that the Balance Sheet be adopted.

The Election of Officers then took place.  Mr. Peace nominated Mr. Burt as President, Mr. Cole seconded.  Carried.  Mr. Simson moved, Mr. Cole seconded that Mrs. Rose be re-elected Secretary-Treasurer.  Carried.

Mr. Burt moved, Mr. Rose seconded that Mr. Simson be re-elected Vice-President.  Carried.  Mr. Simson moved, Mr. John seconded that Mr. Cole be Vice-President.  Carried.  It was agreed that subscriptions still stand at  2 pounds per Club.  Mr. Burt moved, Mr. Peace seconded that 2 pounds be allowed the Secretary for Petty Cash.  Mr. Smith of Ulverstone Club was welcomed as a delegate to the meeting.

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