The TPF has implemented a Merit Award System to recognise and reward the efforts of members of affiliated Camera Clubs who enter various photographic competitions and volunteer their services to their respective clubs, TPF and APS (Australian Photographic Society) Executive etc.  Recognition is via a point scale and can be gained and accumulated through:

  • Entering club competitions;
  • Volunteer in the service of clubs, TPF, APS etc.
  • Participating at the TPF Competitions and
  • By entering National and International Exhibitions.

The objective of these awards is to recognise those who achieve various milestones in their photography endeavours.   To commence the process of applying for a Merit / Honour Award, please read the following PDF documents:

TPF Camera Club Merit Award System (CCMAS) Document, Application Guidelines and Application Cover Page for Award or Honour .

To apply, download the following documents:  TPF CCMAS System Document, CCMAS Application Guideline and Application Cover Page for Award or Honour

TPF CCMAS System Document including Points Scale and Service Points

CCMAS Application Guidelines

Application Cover Page for Award or Honour

Camera Club Merit Awards System (CCMAS)

The purpose of these Awards is to encourage and reward competition activity at Camera Club level and beyond (see Points Scale).  It is also designed to recognise those who volunteer their time to the running of their respective club and their involvement in other activities including TPF Executive Roles, APS Management Roles etc (see service points)

A photographer who is a member of more than one club many aggregate points obtained at individual clubs but the same image may only be used once in TPF Biannual Interclub competitions.

Members and clubs need to keep accurate records of all entries, results and service to allow application for TPF Awards and Honours to be verified.

Points needed to qualify for an Award at Club level competitions and beyond, please refer to document: Points Scale

If you volunteer your time in running your respective club and are involved in other management activities in TPF and APS, then please refer to document:  Service Points

To apply for points gained at Club level, please download and use Form A

Form A

To apply for points gained for service, please download and use Form D

Form D

TPF Competitions

Members are also able to build upon the point score by participating at the TPF Interclub and POTY competitions. 

To claim points for participating at a TPF competition, please download and use Form B

Form B

National and International Exhibitions

Members who go beyond camera club and TPF competitions and enter Salons at either or both National and International Exhibitions can claim points towards their Award and Honours. 

To recognise your success at this level, please download and use Form C

Form C

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