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The Tasmanian Photographic Federation Inc. (TPF) is a volunteer ‘umbrella’ body providing support for camera clubs and encouragement and promotion of amateur photography in Tasmania.  The TPF was formed in 1963 and became an incorporated body in 1985.

Any photographic camera club or society in the State of Tasmania may become affiliated with the Federation.  Over the years, 15 clubs and societies have been members of the TPF.  Many have since ceased operation and, today, Today there are four member clubs (Wynyard, Devonport, West Tamar (Exeter) and Southern Tasmania Photographic Society that have regular club meeting and get together.  Each club takes its turn to host a combined club event held twice per year that covers the official business of the Federation and a social activity relating to photography

Minutes of meetings are lodged with the Tasmanian Archives and Heritage Office.

The TPF offers public liability insurance cover for the member clubs and serves as a coordinating organisation to enable individual camera clubs to work together and support each other. This is particularly through the conduct of inter-club and individual photographer competitions, meetings, outings and seminars.  These give camera club members exposure to photography beyond their own clubs, allowing them to get valuable feedback from competent judges and providing an avenue for sharing knowledge and great friendships.

Involvement in camera clubs and the TFP allows members at various levels of proficiency to increase their photographic knowledge and skills to produce images that go beyond snapshots to photos that grab the attention of the viewer.

The TPF provides a Camera Club Merit Award System to encourage and reward competition activity at camera club level and encourages members to enter State, National and International Exhibitions.  The TPF has a number of active and successful exhibitors within its ranks who get acceptances alongside other accomplished photographers from Australia and around the world.

Similar organisations to the TPF operate in the other States but not the ACT or NT.  These organisations have informal links to the Australia-wide organisation, the Australian Photographic Society (APS).  Each State has an APS representative.  The Tasmanian representative assists in linking the two organisations together along with their associated members, some of whom are members of both the TPF and APS.

Further information about TPF or its member camera clubs can be found here.

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