Guidelines and Rules for the

Australian Interstate Photographic Competition (AIPC)

The AIPC is a Digital Image competition only

  1. Entries permitted per medium:

Digital Images Colour: Ten per state.  Max number per exhibitor is two.

Digital Images Monochrome:  Ten per state.  Max number per exhibitor is two.

  • Digital Images entered in previous AIPC competitions are ineligible.
  • This is an open competition. 
  • The maximum horizontal dimension is 1920 pixels and the maximum vertical dimension is 1080 pixels. Each image file should be in the sRGB JPEG format, and a maximum file size of 5 Megabytes.  Smaller standard file size are also accepted.
  • No author’s name or image description should be visible on the front of any image.
  • Points will no longer be able to be claimed for APS honours.
  • Acceptance cards will no longer be issued due to cost and that they have no value.
  • Merit certificates will be awarded to the top five entries in each section.
  1. A Herbert Medal will be awarded to the best entry in each section.
  1. The Alan Moran Certificate will be awarded to the State gaining the highest combined total of all sections.
  1. The Roy Berryman perpetual trophy will be awarded to the maker of the best image in the competition
  1. A DVD of Digital Images shall be prepared by the AIPC Liaison Officer and made available to each competing state.
  1. A digital PDF catalogue is to be made and forwarded to the APS office for uploading to the downloads section of the website, so that members can download and view the results.

The copy is to be forwarded after the results have been released at APSCON

16.The Australian Photographic Society has a stock of Herbert Medals which will be sent out to the winners of each section upon request from the host state organisation. Certificates will also be provided to the merit awards.

It is the responsibility of the organising State to have the Roy Berryman Perpetual Trophy engraved; the Alan Moran trophy has been lost and must be replaced with a suitable certificate, merit certificates and a pdf catalogue, prepared and copies forwarded to each participating state.

The Roy Berryman trophy is presented to the maker of the top image in the AIPC competition. Note; it is a perpetual trophy and must be returned to P Kewley by July of each year.

A copy of all the results, merit certificates and a copy of the catalogue to be returned with each state’s entry.

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Peter Kewley

Liaison Officer AIPC

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